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Choose your property listing plan

privatesale.co.nz offers more than a property listing sitting on yet another look alike website waiting for buyers to come to the site.

We’re passionate about letting our target market know there are good quality affordable homes available for purchase right now.

We’ve partnered with marketing experts to ensure that when you advertise your property for sale with privatesale.co.nz your property with be highly visible as part of our on-going marketing strategy that is designed and constantly refined to ensure that your home is getting to, and stays in front of, first home buyers.

And, we hope you choose to go one step further and invest in a customised marketing campaign designed by our specialist team just for your property, that runs along side what we do, to ensure that your property has an even wider reach and stands out.

Because we’re all about getting homes sold, we know that presentation is critical.  This means you’re also going to need professional photographs of your property.  If you don’t already have professional photographs of your property let us know and we will do our best to help out.

Contact us to list your property and start reaching your target market right now.

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